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VOIP has modified how the transmission of telephone calls occurs. VoIP has created incredible efficiency and reliability and can be used in a variety of applications at a fraction of the cost of old analog data transfer methods.

We pioneer in setting up VOIP for our clients. Our services allow clients to receive ROI through substantial cost savings, amongst other things and enables them to greatly cut the costs of their everyday operations.

Our client’s business model:

We provide services primarily for our clients serving consumers. One such retail client has an extensive network of gas stations. This client has been operating since 1996 and has grown to be a major player in its field. Over the years, they expanded their business and now operates in more than 100 locations in California.

With their headquarters location in Orange County California and more than 1000 employed team members, fast and efficient communication is a key requirement. Due to their reliance on old analog systems, communication took longer, cost more, and was less reliable.

This is where we come in. Our VOIP systems had various benefits.

How our VOIP and POS support systems aid retail businesses:

For a VOIP system installation to work, there needs to be proper infrastructure in place. VOIP uses the internet for transmission of calls. Depending on how large the organization is or how large their call volume is, the higher is the internet bandwidth required.

Apart from a strong internet connection, another important thing is 4G LTE VPN router with reliable service and strong concurrent connection volume.

Next comes the actual hardware, telephones, to be used in VoIP. Here, we have a varied range of choices, from touchscreen to cordless phones. The choice of hardware depends greatly on the use case and budget of our clients. For our gas station VoIP setup, we went with the hardware that provided the most utility while still being reasonably priced.

A VoIP service is what comes next. Our VoIP plans are similar to the mobile data plans individuals use. These plans are important is the VoIP system is to be used externally and remotely. Otherwise, the VoIP system will only be able to contact the extensions within the office.


The cost of revamping their existing analog setup and upgrading to VoIP and support their POS systems installation. Our clients reaped substantial benefits because of this upgrade. While their analog system cost 140$-200$, the new and upgraded VoIP systems cost them only 25$.

Our clients are now able to save approximately 250,000$ annually since their upgrade to our VoIP and support their POS systems. Moreover, VoIP systems provide better and faster communication, which allows for more efficient communication.