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Disaster and Backup implementations

In today’s day and age, all institutions rely on technology heavily in some manner. Medical businesses are no different, and technology has undoubtedly transformed patient care for the better.

Our business focuses on providing best in class disaster management and data recovery services for our clients.

Our client’s IT infrastructure:

We have devised robust plans for disaster recovery in disaster situations. A disaster could range from various natural calamities to other situations where the IT infrastructure of a hospital becomes compromised, such as a flood, earthquake, electricity outage, etc. For a disaster recovery plan to succeed, it is imperative that there are protocols in place even before the disaster situations present themselves.

For our client in the medical industry, this means evaluating which functions are critical, creating a backup and ways to access those functions should a disaster compromise our client’s IT infrastructure, evaluating which cloud approach is appropriate, and recovering critical data in case of a disaster.

Now, we shall discuss our expert plans for DR and disaster management in greater detail.

Our Disaster and Backup implementations for Hospitals:

The preparations have to start even before our client hits a disaster situation. This means coming up with a framework of communicated should a disaster situation strike. The primary step is to determine who takes control under such circumstances.

Our client experienced damage to their network and electricity outage caused by a flood in their geographical region.

Fortunately, our disaster management and backup implementations saved them from irreversible losses.

Depending on the kind of disaster, we had already prioritized different tasks. Hospitals have various IT solutions working in conjunction with each other. Restoring just one mission-critical application may not work, as it may have dependencies on other applications. Due to our proper protocols in place, we were able to restore all mission-critical applications and recover confidential patient records.

Another importance of disaster management is backing up data elsewhere, and recovering that data should a disaster compromise the primary storage network.

Handling healthcare data is a sensitive matter since the patient records are private and protected by HIPAA compliance. Our robust backup solutions are not only reliable but also maintain the security, reliability, and privacy of the data. Our compliance helped us in our agreement with our client in the medical industry.

From our experience, we rely on multiple mediums for data backup and use hybrid cloud solutions to ensure data integrity. This means we offer offsite data backup on tapes or another physical storage medium as well as cloud backups. These multiple backups ensure that in any disaster, the data is not lost, and can always be recovered. These additional measures allowed us to safely and quickly restore the data for our client and get them back up and running without requiring much downtime so clinicians can access the required data without hiccups.


We offer various disaster and backup implementations for our clients. According to our clients’ needs, our plans can be adjusted and depending on their time and budget, our deadlines can be adjusted. The flexibility and cooperation we offer is what differentiates us from the competition, and allows us to form professional relationships with our clients.


Our client, a market leader in the pharmaceutical industry with operations in multiple locations, once faced an issue that compromised the integrity and access to their data.

Since they had no backup or disaster management protocols in place, they ended up losing sensitive data due to a ransom virus that encrypted their data. This problem cost them as much as 100,000 $.

After suffering this loss, they decided to hire an expert team of professionals to protect their data and provide them with easily accessible and offline backups. This is where we came in. Our excellent service has allowed our clients to rid themselves of worrying about their data’s protection, at a reasonable cost.