Security Solutions Orange County:

Security is one of the biggest concerns in anywhere now, especially in IT. As we all have computers, laptops, and mobiles that are continuously connected to the internet, that is now a safe place now by Security Solutions Orange County.

Our important data. Images, personal, and business files all are in our handy gadgets, and we don’t know what is going on on the internet. May be attackers stealing our data now. But the internet has never been a safe place; a few years back, there is nothing that can save you from them or form the virus(when it introduces).

Time by time, the computer program made to protect it from the attackers and viruses. So first we have to know what kind of dangers we have to face if we do not have the security for our data and for our computers.

First Thing First: What Is A Computer Virus?

A computer virus is a program that replicates its copy by itself to another program. In other words, it is a program that spreads in your computer without knowing and without our permission. It spread in our whole computer and affects our plans, images, videos, documents, and all other things.

It is made to infect the computers and data in it. The virus also created bu hackers who intend to blackmail after to get our essential data back.

The viruses attack your computer in two ways, one is it land on your computer and staring to make replicate itself, and the other is does not start and hit your computer until it triggers start. In another way, it needs to start the infected program and sit back in your memory and use your computer recourse, which can be an end task until you shut down the computer.

There Is A Number of Viruses That Can Affect Your Computer And its Data:

  1. Boot Virus

This virus affects the master boot and very completo to remove it. Requires the system formatted. It spread from the USB and removing media.

  1. Direct Action Virus:

This virus only stays in your memory area and does affect the performance and experience, so you cannot detect by just seeing. It remains and attached to a specific file. This virus, also known as the non-resident virus.

  1. Resident Virus:

Unlike the non-resident virus, this virus installed on the computer and much more challenging to identify and remove.

  1. Multipartite Virus:

This virus can affect your computer in multiple ways. This virus affects both boot and executable files at the same time.

  1. Polymorphic Virus:

This virus is more difficult to locate, and many traditional antiviruses cannot identify it. Because of this virus changes its signature pattern when it replaces.

  1. Overwrite Virus:

This virus is more dangerous but easy to locate. This virus removes the files that it infects. The only mechanism to stop it is to delete it.

  1. Spacefiller Virus:

This virus is created between the empery spaces between the codes and does not cause any damage at all to the files.

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